Summary 400 words from 2 storys (psalm of life and the tide rises, the tide falls)

Psalm of life

The word justice or fairness is the same, but with different name, i think that justice is a moral rightness in which is based to claim a tittle or something who is not real with a real big reason. Life is real , life has ups and downs, we are on the top today but tomorrow we can be down , so we hace to be careful to what we pretend to take (injuries) because at this point we don’t have a return to your family you love they or to your friends or every person you love. But say to they because life is only one and life has justice , what you do it gonna be regret to you , good actions , god regret to your good actions , bad actions life is incharge to gave you , bad actions , so this is called justice . God helps us with good actions when we help others , we hace to take justice about all injuries because why a good person have to pay for a bad one (person) , so be careful and you will let your footsteps on world , so be careful what you mades, it will let or stand for who…

the devil and tom walker 300 words essay

The relationship between values and characters

Values: trustworthiness and thankful

I think that they are not thanful because Tom Walker is a magician who sold his soul to the Devil in charge or wisdom,power and money. The value in this story us the devotion to God because they sell their soul to take money , this story is a variation of a legend by morass by trustworthiness because tom and his wife don’t hsve confidence between and both are liars so i think this afected Tom. The relationship between values and characters is God because they don’t trust God in somecases and they sold his soul to devil in turns for money and power . By the devotion to God , it’s not good , because Hod never judges but he never will be lost , because were son’s God and he wants the good for us , byt he never will he stand to pay attention for him , when we want to talk with him , we search him and he will be next to you , in the case of Tom , he forgets God and trust in devil , what that’s wrong because…
I was looking for my glasses outside , when i hear some noise coming from the parking , i was scarry and i didn’t know how to do in my own house . I decide to go and stay at my room quietly and waiting for my mom that was in a dine . It was a quiet but stranger sound .
It was akward because I didn’t know how a person is in my home.   My mom tell me that i should go and see what’s the horrorific thing , I decide to affair at God and go to my parking . There was some little stranger animals , which i decide to catch them , but when in catch them and “kill” they were more bigger than the last time . So i prefer to take them to the park , and liberate them , but some of they hitched  and catched me , i was without force to try to quit from the animals hands but they killed me and now i’m rondating in the forest.

Colombia .Barranquilla and my neighborhood

Clombia is located in South America and shares a small border with Panama. The word colombia is named after Cristopher Columbus discovery, the language which Colombia use is Spanish.  Colombia is bathed by oceans and rivers throughout the country , Colombia is best known for it’s emeralds and a grand diversity in flora and fauna , across the years Colombia had advanced in much aspects in cities around the country , much people knows Colombia because of the time when Pablo Escobar was alive he leaved a bad reputation to the country.Also Colombia is the country that mostly trades cocaine around the world. Colombia’s president is Ivan Duque which was elected last june. Colombia is also known for the exportation of coffee, palm oil, artesanies,fruits,textiles and flowers to other countries;Colombia is the country with the best coffee of the  world, they trade all around the world .Colombia has three ethnic groups , the afrocolombians , the indigenous and the romani population.  T…

#1 about my life

i was born at colombia at october five of 2002, at this time i’m a blessed girl who has a unconditional parents , at over time i  look how blessed and fortunate i am , because God bless me with a parents that they love me . We’re not the perfect family but we are together that’s the important. Between the time i’m sure a lot of people want a united family like mine . I’m only child but i have a dog his name is ginger she have ten years , among the time she is more old . My dad was born in girardot, cundinamarca , i have seven uncles of which two of them died , one died about cancer and the other one in a airplane crash he was a pilot called fernando . My childhood was too difficult because i didn’t grow up with my grandparents company because the died while i was small. I only have my grandma from mom part and i love and i appreciate her a lot . My grandfather from mom part comes from poland , he scape from poland at the second world war in which my great grand mother died , he was ac…